Water Quality Constituents : Sodium & Calcium Chloride Hot Springs.
Functions: (General Indications) Chronic pain or stiffness of muscles or joints. (The chronic diseases such as articular rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, contusion, distortion), motor paralysis & muscle rigidity, cold hands/feet syndrome, disorder of perpheral nervous system, gastrointestinal dysfunction(flatulence), mild hypertension, diabetes mellitus, mild hypercholesterinemia, mild asthma or mild emphysema, haemorrhoids, autonomous nerve dysfunction, symptoms caused by stress (such as sleep disorders, depression, etc ), recovery after illness, recovery of fatigue, health promotion. (Water Quality Indications) bruise, peripheral circulatory disturbance, cold syndrome, depressive disorder, xeroderma.
There are 5 Springs (Outdoor Hot Spring· Pine Spring· Carbonated Spring · Nano Spring· Jacuzzi), Mist and Sauna.
The hot spring is rich in natrium.
When the transparent hot spring water contacts the air, the ingredients of the hot spring will react, and the color will change. You can enter into the golden water and experience it.

It’s only available for those who pay for the use of the facility.

The Stone Spa consists of 10 ore plates and the special room for women is prepared. Anyone can use it at ease.
Since there is no time limit for this facility, you can use it as much as you like.
When you want to drink water, please use the Aquela Blue beside the Stone Spa to enjoy high-concentration hydrogen water. Discharge the waste and get healthy.

Bath & Stone Spa package is required.
After you pay at the front desk, please get the bathrobe.

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