Opening of Huis Ten Bosch and Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels from July 1.
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First of all, we would like to express our appreciation to customers who have continuously supported Huis Ten Bosch. 
Huis Ten Bosch resumed operation of facilities with ventilation and epidemic prevention systems from Jun. 19 (Fri) to Jun. 30 (Tue), and opened to customers nation from all over the country. We will expand target customers from July 1(Wed).
In the future, to ensure that customers can safely have a tour in the park we will strengthen the epidemic prevention system in accordance with the ``Guidelines for Preventing the Expansion of New Corona Virus Infection in Amusement Parks and Theme Parks'' released by the government.
In addition, considering that strengthening the epidemic prevention system may lead to heat stroke, we will also strengthen the heat prevention measures to ensure the safety of customers and the normal operation of the theme park. If the situation changes at the request of the government and local government in the future, we will notify you as soon as possible. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
― Huis Ten Bosch Business Outline from July 1, 2020 ―​ 
 July 1, 2020(Wed)~
 Business Time
 July 1 ~ July 22, July 26 ~ July 31 9:00 ~ 21:00 (Final Admission 20:00)
 July 23 ~ July 25, 9:00 ~ 22:00 (Final Admission 21:00)​
 Business Contents
 Facilities with ventilation and epidemic prevention systems will reopen. 
 ※ Re-opened stores and facilities have different business hours. Please check the homepage of Huis Ten Bosch for more information.​
 Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels
 Hotel Europe, Forest Villa, Henn-na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch are going to reopen on July 1(Wed). 
 ※ Hotel Amsterdam has been reopened since Jun. 19.​
 Huis Ten Bosch Admission Fee​
 There is no change in the prices of all types of tickets.
 ※ "Activity Coupons" given as a gift by Jun. 30 will not be given from July 1.
 Requirements for Admission
 · Those who did not have symptoms such as fever, tiredness or cold within two weeks.
 · Those who have not traveled abroad within 14 days and have not had much contact with foreign residents
 · Those who has not contacted with Novel Coronavirus carriers
 · Those who do not have a family member or a close acquaintance with any suspicion of infection.
 · Those who wear masks (※ Children under 2 years old are excepted)
 · The customers whose contacts(address · name · telephone number) can be confirmed.​