Opening of Huis Ten Bosch and Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels During Jun.1 and Jun.18
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First of all, we would like to express our appreciation to customers who have continuously supported Huis Ten Bosch. 
Huis Ten Bosch has opened part of business only to residents of Nagasaki from May 16(Sat.) to May 31(Sun.). Based on the policy issued by the government on May 25(Mon.), “Prioritize tourism promotion within the prefecture, then revitalize national tourism from Jun.19”, we will continue to do part of business limited to residents of Nagasaki. 
The details are as follows. After June 19 (Friday), we will notify you after careful discussion and decision based on the status announced by the government.
― About Opening of Huis Ten Bosch  ―​ 
 Jun.1, 2020(Mon.) ~ Jun 18, 2020(Thu.)
 Business Time
9:00~17:00 ( Admission Deadline 16:00 )
 Upcoming Events
・Big Picasso Exhibition  venue;Palace Huis Ten Bosch(*1 Admission fee is separately required)
・Hydrangea Festival  venue: Next to Canal Road 、 Amsterdam Square 、 Palace Huis Ten Bosch Road
・KAGEKI THE REVUE HUIS TEN BOSCH  venue:Muse Hall(*2 Admission fee is separately required)​
 Opened Shops
(Shops) Schiphol、Cheese Waag
(Restaurants)DAM、Pinoccio、 Roodo Reeu 、 Seafood Market(Uoichi) 、
 Tottotto, Gokuu, Hananoya(Flower Home), Bikken Bikken
(Outside the park)Huis Ten Bosch Hot Spring(Admission fee is separately required, Sauna facilities are suspended)
 ※ Stores may be added or changed.
 Please check the official website for details.​
 Closed Hotels
 Closed Facilities・Shops​
 Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa, Henn-na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch,
 Facilities and stores other than the above ones will be closed until Jun 18(Tue).
 Huis Ten Bosch
 Admission Fee​
 Junior high school students and older: 1,000 yen, elementary students: 500 yen, free for preschool children
 ※ Admission is only available on site.
 ※ There is no group discount or discount for the disabled.​
 Huis Ten Bosch Gallery
「 Big Picass Exhibition 」
 Admission(*1) ​
 Junior high school students and older: 1,000 yen, elementary students: 500 yen, free for preschool children
 ※ The number of visitors is limited and the staff will guide you.
 Muse Hall
 All seats designated:1,000 Yen
 ※ You can enjoy the performance by securing enough space between the seats. 
 (fewer seats are available than usual)
 ※ Please check the Huis Ten Bosch official website for the performance schedule.
 Requirements for   Admission
 · Residents of Nagasaki Prefecture only.
 * Identification that can prove that you are residents of Nagasaki
 (You need to show your license, insurance card, utility bill, etc.).
 · Those who didn’t travel beyond the Nagasaki border within two weeks.
 · Those who did not have symptoms such as fever, tiredness or cold within two weeks.
 · Those who has not contacted with Novel Coronavirus carriers 
 · Those who do not have a family member or a close acquaintance with any suspicion of infection.
 · Those who wear masks (※ Children under 2 years old are excepted)
 · The customers whose contacts(address · name · telephone number) can be confirmed. 
 ※ Check the above requirements before entering.
 If you do not meet the requirements, we will refuse the admission, so thank you for your understanding.