Sea Breeze
Harbor Town
A general store
Sea Breeze 
Backup of hotel life. Cheese, sausage,original sundries, snacks and drinks are available here.Located in front of Hotel Europe, it's the only souvenir shop in Harbor Town(a town connected to the Palace) and it's so popular with the hotel guests.Next to the store is a pillar box where you can send a letter from here as a souvenir. Morning Market The goods only sold at morning market are also available here. Don't miss a chance to get these nice goods! 
■ Open Day The open days in July 4 (Sat), 5(Sun), 6(Mon), 11(Sat), 12(Sun), 13(Mon),18(Sat) ~ 31(Fri) 
It opens everyday in August. 
■ Time 8:00~9:00 Fresh baked bread is only available in the Sea Breeze on Sunday morning. 
※ The Armsterdam Hotel guests please confirm the open time of Harbor Gate before coming to the morning market.