Here is the Street of Light that makes your loved ones happy.
A new spot appeared! A place to pray for a happy future A silver world 'Wishes Wonderland'
'Thriller City', the world’s largest horror area with horror attractions that opened since July, 2010, will be renewed into ‘Fantasy City of Light’.
The attraction and photo spot in which you can have a good time with Thomas and friends come up!
1st in Kyushu! In golden hall, a real 'stone from Mars' is exhibited!
Dinosaurs on an uninhabited island? Super real AR shooting attraction is coming!
20 people play the game at the same time on the world's hugest screen!
VR X Motion Seat X Ride System
Christmas Fireworks
Please enjoy lovely heart-shaped fireworks with famous Christmas songs...
Kingdom of Flame & L...
Powerful fire performances will be held!
It's 1st year of Reiwa. The biggest countdown festival!
Invite you to an unusual world.
Museum of Sweets
Osamu Watanabe's world of sweets will be exhibited!
Big Tulip Festival w...
Colorful tulips beautifully decorate European streets.