The famous scenes of Studio Ghibli are revived with
Toast with a special glass of 45cm high~!
This autumn, look for Wally in Huis Ten Bosch!
The attraction and photo spot in which you can have a good time with Thomas and friends come up!
The long autumn night is beautifully illuminated by the world's largest illumination with 12 million bulbs.
The beautiful flower palace is the highlight! The palace turns into a spectacular space filled with Dahlia.
Strong Taiko performance and clog dance are attractive!New Entertainment Show
Super powerful in 1 hour! FireworksⅹLaserⅹMusic Entertainment Show!
No.1 Fireworks Conte...
The largest fireworks contest in west Japan with...
Wishes Wonderland
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Wine Festival
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Gardening World Cup
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Fireworks Wonderland
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